By: James Kinnaird | May 20, 2014

Some Projects completed this past week:

1. Lower Ancaster - repaint project before new owners arrive:

By: James Kinnaird | April 15, 2014

Well, the warmer weather (notwithstanding today) is finally around the corner.

As such, we can now safely start booking exterior painting work. We have had many calls, but, could not promise start dates due to the unpredictability of the weather, and, length of our winter this year.

We are now booking exterior painting from the second week of May onward; the weather should be cooperative by then. 

So, if you need the exterior of your home or business "livened up," please give us a call soon to reserve your painting slot!! 

By: James Kinnaird | February 27, 2014

Hi everyone... even though the spring thaw is definitely not here yet, we have received a LOT of bookings for March; THANK YOU to everyone who booked. HOWEVER, we still have a couple of openings left for painting jobs: March 5, 6, 7 and March 17, 18, 19... we can do a whole house, or, a room or two in either of these spots. So, what do you need to have painted? Let's finish filling up the painting schedule!! And, don't forget, all PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS will receive a 20% discount for any work completed before March 20th (WARM UP WITH HOT NEW COLOURS SALE). Some conditions apply.
Warm up with hot new colours SALE - Hamilton House Painters

By: James Kinnaird | February 17, 2014

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the inaugural BLOG on our BRAND NEW WEBSITE! 

We hope to use this page to inform our visitors about new products and services, upcoming events, and, maybe even some tips and tricks of the trade; so navigate in often to see what is new. 

Since this is our FIRST EVER BLOG on the website, we thought we would "kick it off" the right way with our VERY FIRST SALE, directed at all of our valued previous customers... if you are on our email list, you can expect to receive an email announcing our WARM UP WITH HOT NEW COLOURS event, timed for the last month of winter. But, again, only PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS are eligible for this big sale... so, watch your email!

Thanks again for visiting our site, and, STAY TUNED for lot...