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What paints do we use at


The simplest answer to that question is:

Whichever paint you want us to use... it's up to you.

HOWEVER, we do prefer GREEN FRIENDLY PAINT by DuROCK over any other brand: -

When you book a paint job with us, we ALWAYS estimate the cost of the paint and materials separately. We do this so that you, our customer, may use ANY PAINT BRAND you prefer. Just make sure to have the paint necessary for your project at the job site before we arrive; if you are unsure about quantities and types of paint to buy, please just ask us.

If you do decide to go with GREEN FRIENDLY PAINT, or, would like us to pick-up your selected paint for you, all we need is the colour code or actual chips for the colours you have picked, and the paint store will match up the colours perfectly. Once the paint order is finished being made, we will pick it up prior to the job starting and we will provide you with the store receipt when we arrive to get started.

WE DO NOT "MARK-UP" THE PAINT WE PROVIDE FROM ANY OUTSIDE-SOURCED PAINT - you pay what we pay. We always pass on our full discount to our customers. Just another perk from Hamilton House Painters!

WITH GREEN FRIENDLY PAINT, WE WILL OFFER YOU THE SAME TRADE DISCOUNT WE RECEIVE WHEN PURCHASING THE PAINT FROM THE LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR. That's right; you (the customer) will pay EXACTLY THE SAME for your GFP products as HHP does when we buy it from the distributor. 


One of the first questions we get asked is: “What kind of paint do you use?” From a consumer's point of view, that is a VERY IMPORTANT question... the quality and type of paint you use is AT LEAST as important as the skill and knowledge of the person applying the paint. 

And again, at Hamilton House Painters, we allow our clients to use any paint they wish; it is your property after all! However, we will not warranty the installation on "inferior" grades of paint - please ask for details. 

Having said that, after years of research and field trials, we have decided to use “Green Friendly Paint” by DuROCK as our “in-house” paint of choice, and value-added “house brand.” 

Why? Simply put, in our opinion, there is no better paint on the market today (these are “Ultra Premium” paint products), and, GFP has some very important additional advantages:

1. GFP products are manufactured locally, right here in Ontario, using nothing but the finest raw materials available anywhere. 

2. GFP products are manufactured in small batches, with extremely tight manufacturing and quality controls. We have toured the factory ourselves to assure ourselves of this. 

3. GFP / DuROCK, is a family-owned and operated business, with a decades-long pedigree and track-record of marketing the highest quality building materials and coatings, right here in the Ontario market. 

4. GFP products are inherently environmentally friendly - with a much lower carbon footprint, given that the product is not being imported from thousands of kilometers away (many of the big-name retail brands are manufactured in the U.S., or, even in Mexico or overseas, and are then transported here. In our opinion, this is wasteful and unnecessary. 

5. Many of the GFP products contain recycled content, and, ALL of the products are either ultra-low VOC, or, ZERO VOC, and, almost all of the GPF products have achieved “LEED / Green Building” certification, Master Painter Institute certification, and, are “Holmes Approved” (yes, Mike Holmes).

6. A portion of the sales of all GFP products is donated by the manufacturer to Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto) to benefit cancer research. So, every time you use GFP paints, you are supporting the fight against cancer...right here in Ontario. 

We think these are important considerations when selecting a paint product to ensure a quality job, that the supplier is a good corporate citizen, and in maintaining good local jobs, and, the safety of your family and Mother Earth. 

Even better, with GFP, you are getting the best paint you can buy, you are supporting family business, and, perhaps the most important; you are buying the paint at LESS COST THAN MOST OF THE INFERIOR “RETAIL NAME BRANDS!” That’s right... on top of all the other benefits, GFP is sold at a great price point... for more information about GFP, please visit our website, or at:       

Some of the comments our veteran painters (of up to 30 years' painting experience said to us while wI e were field-testing the GFP products:  

About the GFP 750 Series Interior Low Lustre Scrubbable Eggshell:

"...I love this paint so much I want to marry it....can I marry it?"    
"...Phenomenal. Absolutely Phenomenal..."    

About the GFP 750 Series Interior Semi-Gloss:

"...This is the best semi-gloss I have ever used. Bar none..." 
"...Love it. Just love it. Best ever. It feels like silk when it dries..."           

About the GFP L5 Interior Drywall sealer / primer:

"...Best primer I have ever used. Whatever it costs, it is worth it..."
"...Are you kidding me? Why did I not know about this stuff before now?..."

Really makes you wonder.... hmmmmm... how much are the other painters making in mark-ups on the ecologically unfriendly and perhaps lower quality paint they want to sell you? It may be worth asking them.

Or, better yet, just book your job with us, KNOWING that you will get the best possible quality of products and the lowest possible prices!

Thank you again for choosing

Green Friendly Paint by DuROCK - proudly installed by