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Let HAMILTON HOUSE PAINTERS be your little Christmas Elves this year to install you seasonal lighting!




including installation and removal labour*

(*depending upon your location)

289-799-0441 – Hamilton

289-815-0945 – Burlington, Waterdown, Cambridge, Guelph, Oakville, Milton, Grimsby, St. Catharines, Caledonia, Brantford, all other areas...

             Or... visit our NEW website for our CHRISTMAS LIGHTING ELVES at:


Do you want to make your home beautiful for the Christmas / Holiday Season? 


Are you too busy, or unable, to hang the lights yourself?

Don't know whom to call? Need it done for a great price?


Well, we have great news!  Starting with the 2014 Christmas and Holiday Season, HAMILTON HOUSE PAINTERS (and RENO TEAM) implemented a new seasonal lighting installation and removal service. It was such a huge success, we decided to make it a permanent seasonal service. So, we will be glad to help you! And, for those who have used our services these last several years – THANK YOU!


How does it work? It's really EASY and INEXPENSIVE!




STEP 1 - Go to our website with the online




Simply fill in the request form, answering as many of the questions as you can. The form will ask for a photo of the front of your home, or wherever else you want lights to be installed.

We will call you back within one business day, to review it with you for accuracy, and, set your appointment. OR, 


If you are uncomfortable with using the online resources, simply give us a call at 289-799-0441 or 289-815-0945; we will take care of it from there.


We are generally providing installation dates anytime between October 1st, and, December 15th – subject to weather, and volume. First come, first served.

Or, if you prefer, you can try out our new self-serve lighting estimate portal at our new 

Christmas Lighting services website at:


At the time we finalize your order to install the lights, we will also set a scheduled date (or date range) to remove them (all appointments subject to weather conditions, and availability, of course).  


If you have your lighting already, just provide the strings to us. We can test it all to make sure it works BEFORE we hang the lights. If we need to replace any bulbs, we will do so, if possible. (You are WELCOME to provide all light strings, bulbs and materials - if we need to purchase anything, such as mounting clips or replacement lights, we will charge you our actual cost for the goods, plus a small pick-up fee).


STEP 2 - We install the lights in plenty of time for Christmas!


STEP 3 - After Christmas and Holiday Season, we will return to take down the lights for you… normally between January 4th and 31st.


THAT'S IT - why haven't you called us yet?!?!?!


See below for rates and service request form. - don't be this guy!
Don't be this guy!! Let Hamilton House Painters Professionally install your seasonal lighting this year!

Let Hamilton House Painters (and RENO TEAM) save you all the time, trouble, aggravation, and frostbite! Not to mention having hubby fall off the ladder!! We will install your seasonal lights for you, and, will remove them after the Christmas and Holiday Season is over!




Minimum charge for installation and removal*: 

Starting at ONLY $399.99, plus HST. 

*Includes installation of up to 100 feet of string lights @ height not to exceed 30’ from grade (or wherever the base of the ladder is set). Pricing DOES NOT include string lights or other materials, which are available on request. 


Each additional linear foot of string lights (per ft / you provide lights ...……………………………………………..$2.75

Cost per linear foot of string lights (per ft / where we provide lights) …..…………………………………………..$5.50

All other services (by hourly rate).......................$80.00


Minumum Fee to purchase and deliver to home any needed lights, etc...   .............................................................  _$80.00

Cost of materials used is extra. We do carry a limited supply of materials with us.

Please ask us in advance to ensure we have the lights and colours you want. 


Prices do not include HST - which is added to the invoice cost. 

Prices are inclusive of lighting installations on home or offices which are up to 30' in height from ground. Trees and shrubs have a different pricing schedule - please ask. Extra charges may apply where installations may be difficult owing to the construction of the premises, presence of shrubbery or trees, or, as otherwise determined by the estimator or installer, or, where there are no easily accessible points to which to attach the lighting. Additional charges will apply if scaffolding or man-lifts are required for safe installation.