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On the page below, there is a web form which will afford you the opportunity to submit your application to work with us. If you would like to apply to work with us as a contract tradesperson, please have an electronic version of your resume handy, as you will be asked to upload it. Before completing and submitting the form, please read and fully understand the information below:

We are committed to providing a consistent, high-quality service for all of our customers. As such, we are very careful about the selection of people who work on our projects. Therefore, we use our...


as follows:

We are looking for the "best available" tradespeople to work under long-term contract with us. Therefore, our customary minimum requirements are:

1. You must agree to abide by our standard operating procedures, as defined at: OUR PROCEDURES, and, EXTERIOR PAINTING PROCEDURES. Please note, these are MINIMUM operating procedures - we always expect to meet, or exceed , these guidelines for quality of service. 

2. We will require a criminal record search; a criminal record will likely preclude you from working with us. 

3. We will require two work references, and, one personal reference (unrelated person), speaking to your work habits and character. 

4. You MUST have your own reliable vehicle, which is capable of transporting a 17' ladder, tools, and, construction materials (at a minimum for painting). You must also possess a smartphone, capable of sending and receiving both voice calls, and, emails. 

5. We are looking for people with a minimum of five years of experience in the trades; preferably with considerable painting experience. Carpentry, tiling, drywall, and, flooring installation experience is also appreciated. We need people you can work FAST, CAREFULLY, CLEANLY, and, with great attention to detail. And, importantly, who can work without constant direct supervision; you MUST be self-motivated. 

6. We will only hire and retain people with a strong and abiding work-ethic. This means you care about showing up for work on-time, every time, so that you meet your / our commitments to our customers, your team-mates, and, to the company. As an example: going out drinking the night before, resulting in you calling in sick, or, showing up "hung-over" and unable to work at our customary pace will NOT be tolerated.

7. We only hire and retain tradespeople who have a strong aptitude and commitment to providing "superior customer service." This means, we always explain things carefully to our customers, we ALWAYS show up when we say we will show up, and, we are ALWAYS polite and respectful of the customers, their families, their property, and, their possessions. If you do not like working with others, then we are NOT the company for you. Ideally, you are outgoing, and, LOVE both what you do, and, you take great pleasure in helping people and providing exceptional service for them. You MUST take pride in the work-product you produce, and, take satisfaction from doing your job well to "fit in" with our company. 

8. You must be legally entitled to work in Canada. 

9.  You must subscribe to WSIB coverage, or, be willing to obtain and maintain such coverage while working with us. 


10. You must agree to follow all WORKPLACE SAFETY regulations, and, WSIB and WHMIS regulations, as required by the Province of Ontario. 

To apply, please complete and submit the following:
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