Does Hamilton House Painters stain and paint fences, decks, and, gazebos... but of course we do!

While many painters have neither the equipment nor experience to tackle these jobs, we LOVE bringing your "tired and worn-out" looking outdoor structures back to life!

But, we don't just stop there... we believe in offering a "one-stop service for your outdoor structures. We also perform deck, fence, and, gazebo repairs, and, regular maintenance.

We will replace any broken, sagging, spongy, or dangerous parts of your decking or fence, and, will replace any worn or damaged cedar shakes, or, boards and battens, cedar planks, or other types of siding on your gazebo. We will also repair or replace doors or gates for these structures. 

Maintenance... what maintenance you ask?

If you are using water-sealers instead of stain or paint on your wooden structures, we can put you on a once, or twice yearly application schedule. Many customer prefer to do this once in the spring, and, once in the fall. Or, if you use a clear or semi-transparent stain, you may want to apply a coating once every two years to ensure that your expensive wood decking and fences are not being damaged by ultra-violet light, or, moisture. 

If you are using a solid stain, or, a paint product on your decks or fences, you should probably still check every 3 or 4 years to ensure that everything is in good order. Once peeling / cracking / chipping starts, it usually escalates quite quickly.

We also provide POWER WASHING services, using commercial-grade gasoline powered power-washing units, we can often bring your old, grey, stained wooden elements right back to life... very often restoring something close to the original golden colouring of the wood. This can be very especially effective on pressure treated lumber, and, for cedar structures.

But wait...there's more! We also build wooden fences. If your yard is in need of some privacy, or if you are installing a pool, or, if you need a bit of security, have a "pesky" neighbour, or, need a secure area for your furry friends to romp and play, let us know. We will take care of everything for you. 

Six foot tall wooden fences, in EITHER "shadow box / alternating fence board" OR "solid-style privacy fence" configuration (boards solid to each other on on side), and, which are erected with high-grade pressure-treated lumber, with posts sunk to a 4' depth, and, secured in place with concrete-installed post-holes, start at $35.00 per linear foot - inclusive of digging "locates," post-holes, installation labour, fence-post caps, and, all materials. A 12" lattice privacy fence topper can be added for an additional $5.00 per linear foot. We build our fences using galvanized hangers for all stringers (lateral boards to add strength), and, typcially use 3 lateral stringers for every fence section. Each fence section is no longer than 8 feet between fence posts. We use 2" COATED DECK SCREWS to assemble our decks - these are stronger and more durable than framing nails, and, don't rust because they are coated. 

As an example of pricing: a yard which is to be enclosed on three sides or 50 feet each = 150 linear feet of fencing @ 6 ft. height...  150 linear feet x $35.00 = $5250.00, plus HST*

*Assumes relatively level ground, without underground obstacles such a major tree roots or concrete / rock fill,  and, all areas can be accessed by a small skid-steer machine.