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Everything we note below is intended to make your painting job "flow" as easily as possible, and to ensure you get the best possible painting results, and, service.

We will perform "standard" prep work, in accordance with our procedures, at no charge: filling minor nail and screw holes and cracks, pole-sanding the walls, clean-up, etc... however, to keep our costs down, we do not include certain preparatory work with the estimates, as most home and business owners prefer to save money by doing these things themselves. However, if you would like us to perform these functions as a "Extras" in addition to the painting job, we will gladly provide an estimate, and do so for you. Please just ask...

Included (no extra cost) services with any interior painting:

- We will fill a reasonable amount of nail holes, screw holes, and, up to 2 cracks* per wall of up to 1/8" wide x 18" long at no additional charge. *Filled cracks cannot be guaranteed not to crack again (houses will continue to "settle.")

- We will lightly pole-sand your walls*

*NOTE: we are happy to provide a light sanding to remove any particles trapped in previous paint coats, etc... or to sand smooth very minor repairs to nail or screw holes, however, sanding smooth any previous repair work, drywall compound, "spackle," or similar, or, COMPLETELY smoothing surfaces (for instance on lath and plaster surfaces, or, old or worn drywall or trim surfaces) is NOT included in our standard painting services. We will be pleased to provide these repair services for an additional charge. Please ask your estimator for pricing and details.

- We will remove and re-install electrical cover and switch plates, vent covers, and air return covers at no additional cost. Please don't do this yourself; we don't want you, or any children or pets in your home getting injured when removing an electrical cover plate.

- Where possible, we will seal off any doorways with poly film and masking tape to protect any areas of your home not being painted from dust or over-spray.

- If a client elects to use their own paint brand (any brand other than Green Friendly Paint by DuROCK) we will pick up and deliver the paint at no charge. The client may pay for the paint in advance, or, we will pay for it, and charge the paint to the customer as a "pass-through."

- We will cover any furnishings of belongings stacked into one place in the centre of the room with poly. This does not include sealing with tape.

- We will use drop cloths, and/or poly sheets, and/or painter's disposable paper, and/or light tack plastic floor protector sheets to cover your floor in areas where we paint.

Things you can do before we arrive to help us:

- Please clear an area, convenient to the area to be painted, but preferably secure from pets and children, which we can use as a temporary "work area / mixing area." Ideally, this space will have an impervious floor surface; tile, linoleum, concrete... etc... Spaces to consider would be laundry rooms, walk-in pantries, temperature-controlled sunrooms, basements, attached garage, or the like. If no such spaces are available, then a corner which is out of the way will suffice. Please take precautions to ensure that no children or pets can access our painting materials; we assume no liability.

- Please ensure we have a water source and drain for clean-up.

- Please vacuum / sweep / dust any areas to be painted; well in advance of our arrival. The less particulate matter in the air, the better your paint job will be.

- If possible, make sure the areas we are painting are empty of furnishings. This will allow us to paint the area properly, without having to spend time moving and covering furniture, etc... "Time is money," as they say, and the more time you save us, the more money you save. Of course, if you would like us to do this, we are happy to do so.

- If you cannot remove the furnishings and belongings, but, are able to move them within the room yourself, place all large items "stacked" in the center of the room prior to our arrival.

PLEASE NOTE: we require FOUR FEET (1.2 METERS) of CLEAR WORK SPACE AS AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM for each wall we are painting.

- Remove all draperies, blinds, other wall coverings, (you may want to detach any mounts or brackets for the window coverings if you like). You might also consider removing any Television or speaker mounts, if you would like us to paint the wall behind them. Of course we can provide this service for you... see below.

- If you are painting your entire home at one time, or, if you are painting or staining your stairs, you may want to consider "going on vacation" (if you can) or staying elsewhere until the painting / staining is complete; this is particularly true if we are to paint or stain staircases. This will allow us to properly "seal everything up" prior to painting, which protects your belongings and speeds up our clean-up at the very end. And, of course, this saves you money! Again, if everything is sealed and protected, the home will be largely "unusable" or "unlivable" for a few days. And, if we are spraying, you really cannot be in the home in any case.

Why not take the money you save, and pay for part of a "getaway" for you and your family!


- Additional repairs, such as multiple cracks, large cracks, major drywall issues (water damage, swelling, holes, etc...) are billed at $45.00 per hour, and are billed on an "actual time" basis.

- If we are required to move, cover, or dismount from the walls any furnishings, belongings, television mounts, speakers, CCTV cameras, shelves, window coverings or blinds, or if we must paint any oil or water radiators, etc... all such services are billed at $45.00 per hour, and are billed on an "actual time" basis.

- For any service not covered above, or not otherwise quoted, we charge a standard labour rate of $45 per hour, or portion thereof, for the first hour (minimum $45 billing), and thereafter at $45 per hour, in 15-minute increments of time.

- Each of these charges or fees will be fully explained to you, BEFORE we start any job, by one of our representatives. Or, we will provide you with a detailed written estimate for your review.


We look forward to painting or remodelling your home or business for you!
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