If you want the next house painted by Hamilton House Painters to be yours...you need to call us!


At Hamilton House Painters, we know how to paint the interior of your home. Our many references and referrals will speak to that fact. We encourage everyone to speak with our references, to verify our skill level, and, our attention to detail.

If you want your home to have a "tight, clean, modern look" then you have definitely come to the right place! Our "cutting and "rolling" skills are "second-to-none." We can also repair any taping and drywall issues you might already have, from previous installations. Most homes have them; you know what we are talking about...


One of the most important aspects to a fantastic paint job result that is often overlooked is SCHEDULING. We cannot overemphasize the importance of scheduling the paint job so that it has the least possible disruption in your home or office. Hamilton House Painters will work with you to schedule your job WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU.

And, we employ tools, such as our "BOOK IT NOW" online paint job booking tool, that lets customers see our availability in "real-time," to help you schedule your painting. Of course, we also know that sometimes "urgent" situations crop up... floods, unexpected relatives coming to town... etc.. and you need something done quickly. Give us a call; we'll see what we can do for you. Or, have a look at the BOOK IT NOW app, and see if there is a spot in our schedule that works for you...


"Prepping" your home is the most time-consuming and labour-intensive part of the painting process. However, it is very, very important. The outcome of the entire painting job is almost completely dependent upon the "prep" work done before-hand.

We always start by protecting your home and belongings from painting damage. Everything gets covered if it can be damaged from either paint, or sanding dust.

It is not easyto paint an interior properly.  If you want that "tight, clean" look, it takes much more than just someone coming in with a paint brush and roller. Much more...

People tend to underestimate the scope of a "proper" paint job. If the people whom you are considering for painting your home do not discuss covering your property with "poly" sheets, and sealing it with masking tape, you may be in for a   dusty, paint-covered surprise. Not to mention the paint splatter on carpets, hardwood floors, etc... one knocked over paint can can cost thousands of dollars in repair bills... you should always INSIST on proper site preparation before any painting starts. At Hamilton House Painters, these are all "standard operating procedures."

Here are a few more skills needed to provide a top-quality painting job:

 Knowing how to properly prepare the painting surface, including drywall repairs, caulking, sanding, and, priming.

  Knowing which paints to use, and when they should - or should not - be used. Many painters or "DIYers" overlook the primer trying to save money. This is a common mistake, and unfortunately, the result usually ends up costing more in extra labour, and, topcoat paint costs. If you are not sure, prime. It may cost a little bit more up front, but the end-result is worth it, every time.

  Knowing how to achieve the customers' desired result. Listening to the customers' needs is the best way to achieve painting success! It really is that simple, and yet, many painters don't understand this. 

Not every painter can properly paint an interior! 

Remember that, and,  Call  references!

New construction is "every painter's friend," but when it comes to residential re-paints, many painters run away... 

Not only do they not have any idea what it takes to make your walls and cut lines look like new again, they have no clue how to protect everything else in your house from damage.

Things like hardwood floors, carpeting, draperies and furniture; protecting these things are, in some ways, more important than the actual paint job in terms of potential damages and costs. 

Area preparation is started with carpets, hardwoods, furniture etc... all being properly covered to ensure there is no damage from overspray, spills or splatter. This will include poly sheets, tape and paper, and drop sheets. In addition to protecting your home and assets, it also makes clean-up a snap!

Once area / room prep is done, wall, door and trim preparation are started. This includes removal of plug and switch covers, sanding, repairing surfaces, priming and then painting with at least two coats of premium paint for a beautiful finish. We recommend spraying your trim and doors, whether you have floors and carpets installed, or not. Don't worry, we can do it without making mess!

Our interior painting jobs are highly rated by our homeowner clients who have given us great testimonials, and many, many referrals. 

We do all kinds of paint jobs, ranging from small apartments to large high-end luxury homes, and even office buildings and apartment/condo complexes. No job is too big or too small for our high-quality workmanship!



much to consider...

Have you ever seen latex paint peeling from an improperly prepared oil- based painted surface? 

For surfaces previously coated with an oil-based product, it is now often preferable to convert to an acrylic, (water-based) paint. In years past, oil-based paints were the "way to go" for a quality painted surface. Of course, oil-based paints are not without their issues: length of drying time, smell, toxicity, difficulty in cleaning-up, etc...

So, people started demanding better alternatives; and we now have them in the high-quality acrylic (water-based) paint formulations on the market today. These paints are now usually "low-VOC" (volatile organic compounds). These compounds are what give paint the horrible smell... that is largely absent now from high-quality acrylic paints. These great new paints are nearly odour-free, are easy to clean-up (with water usually), spread and look rich and wonderful, and, they dry quickly. 

Of course, for any painted surface, it is critical to properly prep the surface before applying the new paint. If you do not, the new paint may peel off after a few weeks, months, or years. 

Here at Hamilton House Painters we take great pride in our process. First, we thoroughly sand the entire surface to create better surface adhesion for the primer to “bite into”. Many painters - if they do this at all, stop right there. However, You MUST  cover the oil-based paint with a top-quality primer designed for this very application. If this is done, you can enjoy many years of solid, durable paint,   that is not peeling off!

Many so-called “professional” painters have no idea how to properly prepare interior surfaces. It takes a trained eye, and years of experience to know how to produce "professional quality results" in high -visibility areas, interior doors, cabinets, trim and moldings,   especially when you are doing a residential "re-paint." New construction is a "breeze" in comparison to "lived-in" homes. Not every painter is up to the challenge.

Let Hamilton House Painters become your interior painting specialists  

With our proven professionalism and experience, we can transform your biggest investment and asset - your home - into a "work of art" that you, your family, and your friends, can enjoy for many years to come.