Welcome to our new website!

James Kinnaird
17.02.14 12:06 AM Comment(s)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the inaugural BLOG on our BRAND NEW WEBSITE! 

We hope to use this page to inform our visitors about new products and services, upcoming events, and, maybe even some tips and tricks of the trade; so navigate in often to see what is new. 

Since this is our FIRST EVER BLOG on the website, we thought we would "kick it off" the right way with our VERY FIRST SALE, directed at all of our valued previous customers... if you are on our email list, you can expect to receive an email announcing our WARM UP WITH HOT NEW COLOURS event, timed for the last month of winter. But, again, only PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS are eligible for this big sale... so, watch your email!

Thanks again for visiting our site, and, STAY TUNED for lots of exciting new features to come.  February 16, 2014.