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Hamilton House Painters OBLITERATES GRAFFITI


Hamilton House Painters LOVE TO assist business owners with obliterating the "scourge" of graffiti.

Graffiti is not pretty. It is not "cool." It is not wanted. And most of all, it is not "art." It is a nuisance, is an eyesore, and, destroys property values.

No business owner wants to see their property "tagged." It takes away the value of your hard-bought business or property, and, scares away customers, reducing your income, or, the income of your tenants.

Even worse, it can be an indicator of criminal elements defining their "turf." In some cities, it is also ILLEGAL to allow graffiti to remain on your property; it is incumbent on the OWNER of the property to remove it - and quickly.
Tagger infestation? Hamilton House Painters can help!

HAMILTON HOUSE PAINTERS does not just "power-wash" the graffiti, which usually leaves a washed-out ugly mess, often worse that the original paint. Nor do we attempt to remove the offending graffiti with solvents or chemicals, potentially damaging, or removing the waterproofing, from the substrate under the painted surface.

WE OBLITERATE the graffiti with a fresh coat (or coats) of paint, colour-matched (as closely as possible) to your original building colour.

This will often deter the miscreants from "tagging" again, if they know their so-called "art" is going to be removed. But, if they do come back, we can consult with you on installing surfacing options which will make your surfaces much less appealing to the "taggers." 

We also offer AFFORDABLE MONTHLY RETAINER OPTIONS for business and property owners and managers - whether for one property, or 100 properties, our retainer customers are guaranteed to have a remediation response within 48 hours of a call (weather permitting), and, we can also incorporate scheduled weekly or monthly inspections as an added service. 

Retainer programs start at only $49 per month* 

*certain conditional apply - please ask for details

Thank you for choosing 


Is this criminal lurking in the shadows for the perfect moment to DEFACE your property?
Have you seen this petty criminal in your neighbourhood? Hamilton House Painters has seen him!

Have you seen this petty criminal in your neighbourhood, slithering around in the shadows near your property? Hamilton House Painters sees this guy - or someone just like him - all the time! We won't address what other nefarious deeds he might be perpetrating, but, you can bet on the fact that he will "TAG" YOUR PROPERTY with his ugly graffiti...if given a chance...
Criminal decides to tag your property - Hamilton House Painters can help!

Here he is... "Slithery" Paint Can Pete... picking out the perfect spot on your wall to deface with his "tag," or, so-called "spray-can art." 

Paint Can Pete does NOT care that he will hurt your property value, or, drive away business. He has his own, selfish, contemptible reasons for vandalizing your property.
Hamilton House Painters can make it tough for the criminal to tag your property

Paint Can Pete (seen here) is perfectly happy ruining your property value, business, and, neighbourhood... he is like a rat, furtively transforming the neighbourhood he has infested (yours) into his "nest." At your expense...

And, even worse, rats almost always have friends! If you let one get established, you can be sure that more will turn up!

Let Hamilton House Painters help you make Paint Can Pete feel less at home; we can OBLITERATE his graffiti, and, make it harder for him to "tag" your business.
Don't take on the crminal by yourself - let Hamilton House Painters help!

Depending on where you live, you may have a legal obligation under municipal by-laws to remove the graffiti found on your property. The by-laws normally allow only a short-time period to do this. 

Instead of "facing down" Paint Can Pete yourself, let HAMILTON HOUSE PAINTERS help you by dealing with this problem on your behalf. You should not need to risk confronting PAINT CAN PETE where you work or live. We will take care of Pete's graffiti for you... and hopefully, Pete and his "friends" will move elsewhere.
UH OH! the criminal just saw Hamilton House Painters pulling up to OBLITERATE his tag!


Today is just not PAINT CAN PETE'S DAY!  The owner of this building called HAMILTON HOUSE PAINTERS who are pulling up RIGHT NOW! The "tag" on which Pete worked so hard is about to be OBLITERATED!

Don't worry though... Pete will scurry off into the shadows again to tag another day; he will look for another building to tag, and a neighbourhood to infest, that does not have HAMILTON HOUSE PAINTERS on call!